Red Rock Relay (Zion 12) 2011

"You won’t find a more scenic running adventure any where in the world. The Red Rock "snow to sun" journey begins at 11k feet on the Giant Steps Lift at Brian Head Ski Resort. It ends at 3k feet at the entrance to Zion National Park.  What is in between? 180 miles of the most beautiful country you've ever set running shoes on. " -- RedRock Website
  • Runner 1: Jordan Wirfs-Brock (Boulder, CO)
  • Runner 2: Stephanie Wuerth (Lyons, CO)
  • Runner 3: Serena Eley (Champaign, IL)
  • Runner 4: Henrietta Aitken (New York, NY)
  • Runner 5: Jenn Burke (New York, NY)
  • Runner 6: Stephanie Law (Champaign, IL)
  • Runner 7: Nicole Drummer (Monument, CO)
  • Runner 8: Clara Eng (Pasadena, CA)
  • Runner 9Kelley Hess (Madison, WI)
  • Runner 10Victoria Petryshyn (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Runner 11: Kate Kostal (Chicago, IL)
  • Runner 12: Laura Jakosky (New York, NY)