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Zensah Seamless Sports Bra

Reviewer Pros  Cons and Suggestions Overall
- I like how high-cut it is in the front. With other sports bras, I’ve had chafing along the seams in the front, but I had no such issues with the Zensah bra.

- The color is fantastic! It’s bright, distinctive and looks like it won’t fade into a nasty shade of dingy brownish-orange as it gets dirty and well-worn.

- The fabric is ultra-thin yet ultra-supportive.
- The sizing was a bit strange -- why S/M and M/L? I was nervous that the S/M would be too small and the M/L would be too large. Thankfully the S/M fit me just fine.

- The cut came a little close to my neck in the back. 

Suggestions: The seam-free chest band is great. It might be nice if the shoulder straps were similarly seam-free.

I prefer to have straps that go wider on my shoulders.

Sizing: I have a short torso and typically wear XS tops. I was skeptical any attire offering only two sizes would actually work well for me.  Surprisingly, the S/M fit perfectly!  (I am ~26.8" around the chest/band area).

Fit:  It has an unusually small neckline. The coverage is perfect for all seasons.

Quality: Durable!

The look:  The simplicity and seamlessness give me a sleek, sporty look.  Ribbing on the back provides simple, elegant detailing. The brightness provides brilliant contrast against my dark skin.

In action:  Not once did I fiddle with straps.  Having extremely dry skin, I find a most materials itchy in the winter, yet it was not.
Fit:  I would prefer if the shoulder straps were further out. I might actually be comfortable removing my shirt for runs in extremely hot/humid conditions if the material were thicker.

- Slightly thicker material
- Straps further out
-Add an XS sizes:  
Highly recommend it! By far, the best sprotsbra I've ever worn

 It is the most attractive and comfortable 
sports bra I own 
Kate K.
- Easy to spot in my overly-black sports bra collection,

- Stretchy, comfortable, doesn't cause chafing

-Like the bright color for style.

I wore it to the New Orleans half. It performed well in that I didn't feel it - but my boobs never smacked me in the face
- Odd cut that exposes a bit too much side-boob on both sides - would prefer more coverage in that area

- Also would've preferred a thicker material over the nips - totally unsuitable to run outside in just the bright orange color (HELLO!)

- More side coverage
- Thicker material
 I PR'd (1:30:20) so I'm not throwing that bra away anytime soon. 
Tien-Tien - Great colors

- Comfortable

- Seems to be well-made/sturdy
- The smallest size was still a little looser than I'd prefer. 

- Should offer an XS

Jenn  - Love the bright colors!

- Very soft and comfortable!
- Was slightly looser than I like my sports bra to be. 

Suggestions: Could be a little more supportive
Kamalah - Comes in bright pink.  

- Comfortable.
Not as supportive as I would like for a longer run,  I got the
small, could probably go for an extra small.

Should offer an XS.
Kelley - Cut is very comfortable, well supported. 

- Fabric is really breathable and dried quickly after a tough workout that had me dripping sweat.

- Love the bright colors
-  Cut of the neckline is a little high on the chest. 

Suggestions: Lower neckline

Zensah Running Compression Leg Sleeves

Reviewer Pros  Cons and Suggestions Overall
- Comfortable

- Great colors

- Don't notice them when running

-  Great for recovery
-Seem to lose compression after a few uses. 

- I had problems with them slipping during the first mile of NYC marathon which was distracting. Never happened during a training run either! I think they could be tighter -- I don't have tiny calves, so I can't imagine that they would be very tight on someone with smaller

I recommend them

A friend purchased The Recovery Sock for me in the late fall, knowing that I always have calf problems in the winter from training on tracks, treadmill hill workouts, or running in the snow.  The Recovery Sock is one-size-fits-all.  Having small calves, they felt like normal socks to me, so I intended to return them for any recovery sock or sleeve that offers sizes.  My calves are 12" circumference around the widest area and ~9.8" directly underneath.   I purchased the pink S/M sleeves and couldn't be happier with how it fits.  

Before owning calf sleeves, on days when I had sore spots in my calves, I would walk around with ace bandages on each and my calves would feel a lot looser my the end of the day.  The Zensah calf sleeves have worked just as well, but don't have the bulk or need the constant adjustment that ace bandages do.  My skin is extremely dry and they don't fall down during a run

Fit:  The range of coverage, from just under the knee to a few inches above the ankle, is perfect.

Quality:  Nice. Not itchy!

The look:   I was worried the brightness would attract too much attention.  However, I really like the color.  Anything less bright would actually look orthopedic -- like bandages around my calves.  

In action:  I've never had to adjust them during a run nor when I wear them under my work attire
None so far I highly recommend them!


Item Details Pros Cons Reviewer
Illuminite Silhouette Jacket  Lightweight
Water Resistant
Rear pocket
Flattering cut
Can easily be seen at night
Perfect for range of weather conditions
Rear pocket is perfect for carrying items during runs and bike rides
Thermal cuffs to keep warm
None Serena 
Brooks Adrenaline GTS   I have flat feet and overpronate. I have found other motion control shoes to provide too much support and lead to mild injuries.  These are perfect.  They're ideal for a run involving various terrain: treadmill, concrete/asphalt, trail (dirt, mud, and rocks).   Heavy
Little grip, so not the ideal trail shoe