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Kelley wins crit in the Tour de Champaign!

posted May 22, 2011, 3:37 PM by Serena GHR Eley   [ updated May 22, 2011, 4:27 PM ]
If I hadn't been in Champaign-Urbana, I would've cheered "'re insane!" or "Kelley...OMG" instead of the more tamed "Go, Kelley" as she led multiple laps in women's pro 1/2/3 (45 min crit) at the Tour de Champaign.  On a gusty, 6-corner course, Kelley (top of podium) led the last few laps and  blazed through the finish, ranking 1st.  (Teammate Jackie Kurth took second, and Beth Hodges from Team Wolly Mammouth took 3rd.  Nice job to all of them).   After this photo was taken, the champagne started flowing.

Serena (right) placed 1st female (6th person overall) in the Dances with Dirt Gnaw Bone 50K on May 14, 2011.  Having completed the DWD series, she earned her DWD ultra belt buckle.   (She placed 1st in 3 of the races -- Gnaw Bone, Hell, and Green Swamp -- and 2nd in one race -- Devil's Lake).   A quick shout out to Liane Falk, who placed 7th overall (2nd female overall).  (I met her during DWD Green Swamp and was very impressed that she completed Gnaw Bone entirely in Vibrams!)  Hopefully, she'll join GHR one day :)

Congrats to Stephanie (left) on placing 4th in her age group in the Gnaw Bone 50K, completing her 2nd 50K.  (Only 2 more DWD races until she earns her belt buckle!)

Congrats to Jordan (above, right) who placed 1st in her age group (2nd female overall) in the Twisted Ankle Trail Marathon in Summerville, GA on May 14, 2011.  (Ok, so that photo was obviously not taken in Georgia.  It just seemed like the appropriate victory photo for Jordan's amazing accomplishment!)

Belated congratulations to Nicole (left), who placed 7th in her age group in the Cheyenne 25K trail race in April 2011.

Congratulations to Stephanie Wuerth on earning her Geochemistry at Caltech.  She will be entering graduate school at the University of California Berkeley in the Fall.