Grand Teton Relay 2015 (Regular Team)

The Grand Teton Relay™ is a 12 or 6 person running relay covering 180 miles of beautiful and challenging terrain beginning in Ashton, ID and traveling through Island Park, Grand Targhee, and finishing in Jackson Hole, WY. Running in the shadows of the Tetons with your best friends is the ultimate road trip! 
Henry David Thoreau observed that most men lead lives of quiet desperation. This day, night, day adventure through one of the best kept secrets of the west could be the exact opposite of quiet desperation-boisterous contentment? (From Race Website)

Runner 1:  Kellie Ruse (Louisville, CO)
Runner 2:  Tracy Steele (Boulder, CO)
Runner 3:  Ana Houseal (Laramie, WY)
Runner 4:  Mary Ritter (Boulder, CO)
Runner 5:  Janice Anderson (Marietta, GA)
Runner 6:  Sally Brooking (Atlanta, GA)
Runner 7:  Kara Beaton (Houston, TX)
Runner 8:  Nicole Drummer (Colorado Springs, CO)
Runner 9:  Leslie Cook (Jackson Hole, WY)
Runner 10:  Henrietta Aitken (New York, NY)
Runner 11:  Kate Kostal (Seattle, WA)
Runner 12:  Rose Nguyen (Los Angeles, CA)
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