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Sinister 7 2011

"The 146km course will take you through the most rugged, remote and beautiful terrain in Alberta's stunning Rocky Mountains. With over 5,050m of elevation gain across the course, this race will punish those who are not prepared.

Racers have 27 hours to complete the grueling event. The course is split into seven stages, each featuring a geographic and historic highlight of the area. The race's name is inspired by the treacherous Seven Sisters Mountain that looms over much of the course."  Sinister 7 Website

  • Runner 1: Jenn Burke (New York, NY)
  • Runner 2: Kelley Hess (Madison, WI)
  • Runner 3: Tien-Tien Yu (Madison, WI)
  • Runner 4: Serena Eley (Champaign, IL)
  • Runner 5: Jordan Wirfs-Brock (Boulder, CO)
  • Runner 6Kate Kostal (Chicago, IL)
  • Runner 7: Kamalah Chang (Houston, TX)