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River-to-River 2009

The Mississippi and Ohio rivers meet at the southern tip of Illinois. Between the two rivers lies a land quite unlike the rest of the state. Towards the end of April every year thousands of runners cross this land between the rivers in the River to River Relay.

First Place, Women's Open
  • Runner 1:  Kate Kostal
  • Runner 2:  Jenn Burke (personal trainer)
  • Runner 3:  Niki Mansukhani (physicist)
  • Runner 4:  Ana Houseal (science education researcher)
  • Runner 5:  Serena Eley (captain, physicist)
  • Runner 6:  Tien-Tien Yu (physicist)
  • Runner 7: Grace Pedersen (civil engineer)
  • Runner 8:  Janelle Ralph (teacher)
  • Driver:  Eric Anderson (mechanical engineer)