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Red Rock Moab Relay 2012

"The second annual Red Rock Relay Moab is all set for May 12th 2012.  Six person teams will gather in the heart of Moab and take off on a 70 mile running adventure into the heart of Red Rock Country.  Teams will follow the Colorado River, climb into the La Sal Mountain range, and sprint to the finish back in Moab."
Girls Heart Rockets Discovery
(1st place Women's Division, 2nd overall)
  • Runner 1: Kate Kostal (Chicago, IL)
  • Runner 2: Stephanie Wuerth (Lyons, CO)
  • Runner 3: Victoria Petryshyn (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Runner 4: Jordan Wirfs-Brock (Boulder, CO)
  • Runner 5: Henrietta Aitkens (New York, NY)
  • Runner 6: Janelle Ralph (Sams Valley, OR)
Girls Heart Rockets Endeavour
(3rd place Women's Division) 
  • Runner 1: Silke Koester (Bolder, CO)
  • Runner 2: Lucia Alzaga (Boise, ID)
  • Runner 3: Kera Lewis (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • Runner 4: Nicole Drummer (Monument, CO)
  • Runner 5: Grace Pedersen (Champaign, IL)
  • Runner 6: Jenn Burke (New York, NY)