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Ragnar Trail Tahoe

"Welcome to Sierra-at-Tahoe. Some come here to ski. We come to run. Located among the peaks of the Sierra Nevadas, the Ragnar Trail Tahoe consists of a trifecta trail loops that overlook the pristine blue waters of Lake Tahoe.  About half of the course is within the resort boundary. The other half is in scenic Eldorado National Forest. Each trail loop presents an epic challenge of trail running fortitude. One loop even requires you to ride the chair lift to the top. Don't worry, we will stop the clock for your ride up."  -- From the race website

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Runner 1:  Serena Eley (Albuquerque, NM)
Runner 2:  Stephanie Law (Urbana, IL)
Runner 3:  Jenn Burke (Los Angeles, CA)
Runner 4:  Stephanie Wuerth (Berkeley, CA)