About Us

NASA thought they were merely gathering a group of young space enthusiasts....

When we met during the summer of 2005 for NASA Academy at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, we weren't just meeting astrophysicists, condensed matter physicists, geobiologists, chemists, and aerospace engineers. We were runners, cyclists, hikers, climbers, rollerbladers, and skiers, who happen to like posing for photos next to large models of rockets at NASA Goddard, Glenn, Johnson, Marshall, Langley, Wallops, and Kennedy.

Along the path towards becoming a team, we picked up some more very impressive female athletes. We met them on indoor tracks, bumped into them during cold winter runs, were amazed by their race reports on email lists, or heard stories about them from others.

We ended up with triathletes , half-iron athletes, marathoners, ultrarunners, 5K runners, a taekwondo practitioner, and a climber.

When our powers combined, we became Girls Heart Rockets!  We're a group of mostly scientists and are all addicted to running.

What we do

Physics:  12 members
Engineering (Chemical, Mechanical, Civil):  4 members
Geobiology:  1 member
Environmental Sciences (and Journalism):  3 members

Computer Science:  1 member
Education (Science & General):  3 members 
Physical Trainer:  1 member
Healthcare:  3 members

Marketing:  1 member
Architecture:  1 member
Latin American Studies:  1 member

Where we're from

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